Monday, November 12, 2007

MOTORHOMES - Why do people buy RVs?

They’re big and expensive, hard to maneuver and hard to find storage and parking for – so why do people buy RVs? Recreational vehicles (RVs) or motorhomes are very popular worldwide, particularly in the United States. Since the US has all sorts of climates and landscapes, people often wander about all over the country in RVs.

RVs are not only used for recreation purposes only. In fact they can fulfill the need of a temporary housing solution. Many people, mostly retirees or middle aged working men living in the North of America, love to travel and thus a recreational vehicle allows them to get out there and see the country while taking all the handiness, luxuries, and homelike atmosphere with them. Purchasing a recreational vehicle is very much about adding a new dimension to your monotonous way of life. With RVs, one can pick up their homes and roam to their hearts content. RVs come in different sizes and with different features. Many people who want to roam around in comfort and style consider a Class A, Class C, or 5th wheel trailer suitable.

Similarly, an RV makes for an excellent solution for those who live an itinerant lifestyle -- whether by choice, necessity, or the nature of their work. Some people need the ability to stay mobile, but might stop for days, weeks, or months at a time in various cities or work sites. Miners and construction engineers are just one example of people who fit this description. Building sites, television and film production companies, and traveling shows also make heavy use of trailers and motorhomes for facilities, offices, and to accommodate their talent on set.

The trend of buying RVs is on the rise in the US. This trend is expected to continue as municipalities throughout the United States compel land use restrictions. Therefore, owning your own motorhome can prove very cheap for a number of reasons. Instead of paying away money on house rent, your mortgage expenditure builds equity and may be tax deductible. You can live in an RV and save all that money. Aside from this, your RV can generate income for you if you choose to rent it out. Often people never tend to know where they will find themselves few years down the road, and thus the best way to accommodate themselve for a short or medium period of time is to buy a motorhome. RVs can be used as backup home for a family while someone is building up a proper house, or perhaps looking for an apartment. RVs also come in park models which can be parked in any suitable place, and they appear to be a normal room or transportable building.

Do the math -- fifteen years of rent payments vs. fifteen years of mortgage payments will certainly make you decide which is best. Thousands of RV owners have already made the decision to own.

Many young Americans go camping with their family, making a class B camper van or a folding RV the best choice for them. RVs are easily available at any good RV dealer. People can buy a used RV to save money.

Motorhomes help people find a middle ground between simple camping and expensive hotel bills or short term rental. A very recent vacation cost-comparison report published demonstrates that -- even after factoring in RV ownership costs -- a medium sized family can spend up to 70 percent less when traveling and camping with their RV. RVs are considerably cheap compared to the alternatives, and has the flexibility of being able to drive off at any given moment.

Different types of RVs serve different purposes. A caravan style RV can be attached to a normal car or SUVs to tow the RV and can be detached while the person is living in his home. Reservations are never needed. When you own your own motorhome, you are always guaranteed a good spot during peak seasons in the US.

The best thing about RVs is the financing. People can finance an RV in a relatively easy and straightforward process. Certain Insurance plans are needed to meet the specific needs of owners and their type of RVs.

Self-contained RVs, such as those made by Winnebago, are very comfortable and expedient. They are very roomy, often have air conditioners keeping the air inside fresh and the newer ones have built-in microwave ovens. Some RVs come with TV sets and dish set-ups for a wireless computer internet connection. Larger and expensive models often have units that slide out, usually the kitchen, to give you more space when you are not mobile.

All in all, all considerations taken into play, motorhomes are indeed a good choice for people who can fit these large, oversized recreational vehicles into their lifestyle and vice-versa.

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