Monday, October 14, 2013

Who Doesn't Love a Classic?

The word "classic", whether used as an adjective or a noun, conjures up images of only the best, being defined as "belonging to the highest rank or class", "serving as the established model or standard", or "a work recognized as definitive in its field".

We, in particular use of this word, happen to love classic cars. We came across this listing on One Stop Motors, of a 1947 Mercury Canadian For Sale, and it certainly caught our classic-loving eye with its beauty.

This Classic 1947 Mercury Canadian Is For Sale At One Stop Motors! (Click here for details)

Restoring A Classic CarListed below is the owner's description and some information on how he restored this classic car:

This is a very rare Canadian Mercury. It came from Manitoba, Canada, and was manufactured in Canada. The car has had a complete restoration and has no miles on it since the restoration was completed. All of the chrome and stainless have been professionally restored to new condition. All of the glass except the rear window is new and has the original Ford script. The seats have been upholstered in gray pleated vinyl. The doors and rear interior panels have been reupholstered in two-tone pleated gray vinyl. The headliner has been redone in gray. It has a new red carpet on the floor. There is new light gray plush carpet behind the rear seat and on the kick panels under the dash. The trunk and the trunk lid are done in light gray plush carpet. The steering wheel has been refurgished. The car has a new paint job in base coat/clear coat and is completely painted underneath the body and frame. The paint is Flame Red-333R898 Valspar. The car has five new American Racing 16" chrome wheels with new Michelin radial tires. There are no miles on these new tires. The car has the original transmission and motor. All of the electrical has been gone over and is in perfect condition. I have pictures that document the restoration of this car. This is as honest and solid a car as you will ever find. There is no putty in this car. I did this car in a mild custom, but it could go back to original very easily. With the rarity of this car, I would not make it so that it could no go back to original if the owner so desired. It is a beautiful car with great car to detail.
This Classic 1947 Mercury Canadian Is For Sale At One Stop Motors! (Click here for details)

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