Friday, November 9, 2007

WOMEN DRIVERS – Are they as bad as society portrays them or are they actually safer drivers than men?

The common myth about women drivers has clouded our minds, stamping a permanent negative impression on our minds. Women drivers have been stereotyped as lousy auto drivers with more car crashes then men. However the truth is more intriguing, with some interesting facts analyzing psychology of female drivers and at times also supporting their road actions.

The age long gender battle has cruised into realms of driving and can be credited to ardent fans of gender issues. The myth about female drivers being unsafe is shattered by new study and better road behavior shown by female drivers. The society for long has portrayed tasteless images of women drivers alienating them as dumb creatures possessing minute wit and intelligence in comparison to their male counterparts. Women drivers are a hot favorite for pickup lines and no late night show is complete without cracking a joke about female drivers.

Women should shun all such baseless allegations and hit the road with confidence. Men, with their tailgating habits, and yet they still can’t stop poking fun at female drivers. The statistics tell a paradoxical story, stating that women are involved in more car crashes then men. These statics may be true to some extent, but according to the folks at insurance companies, it’s the men who are more involved in high speed fatal car crashes. Women, on the other hand, transport their children around and go grocery shopping, thus driving more in parking lots and in city centers, having minor fender benders at low speeds.

Women consistently outscored men in learning rules and shifting attention. These skills are helpful for drivers, and help them in advanced road skills. Women are said to have nerve problems and often tend to go white knuckled in accidental situations. Although risk-taking behaviors may contribute to the excessive injury mortality among men and younger drivers, up to now age and sex discrepancies in death rates from motor vehicle crashes have not been well understood. Insurance for men under 25 is far more expensive than their female counterparts which are another solid proof of women power at wheels. The investigators discovered that teenage boys start recklessly, with about 20 per cent more crashes per mile driven than teenage girls. Females over the age of 35, however, are significantly more likely to crash than their male counterparts.

Women should not let all these stereotypical myths affect their nerves and go forward with a more optimistic approach. If you are a girl, don’t wear that miserable and tentative look. Women while driving look too nervous and make faces like meek doll. Stay relaxed, after all it’s just a car and you are otherwise more powerful than men! The whole world now recognizes women equally good behind wheels and many automobile companies have launched special features that enable women to drive safer.

Analysis calculates that overall, about one death occurs for every 100 million passenger miles traveled. And it shows that some long-held presumptions about safety on U.S. highways don't jibe with hard numbers. It lists the risk of road death by age, gender, type of vehicle, time of day and geographic region. Some men tend to disagree with statics, claiming that women have fewer numbers of accidents because they spend less time on the road. However, these statics are based on per hour driven proving that men outnumber women when it comes to road accidents.

Beliefs that women are worse drivers than men are still widely held, despite official figures showing that male motorists are a greater danger. In the USA, men are twice as likely to be killed in traffic accidents than women. Only 27% of drivers in fatal crashes are women (USA, 1998). With support of these statistics, women should feel more confident and energetic. That is why some insurance companies charge less to insure a woman driver.

With power steering, now even strength no longer comes into play when steering around corners. Research also shows that men find it harder to multitask -- so when there are kids in the car, women come up winners again. They can control the kids and the car. Women are more patient and less probable to display road rage, and are more tolerant when stuck in traffic. A woman is able to multi-task between driving, keeping the kids under control while a man can be distracted by an attractive woman passing by.

Being a fantastic driver does not always come easily. It takes continuous practice. Remain confident, put on a good show, and you are on your way to becoming the model driver.

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