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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

By the OneStopMotors family

One Stop Motors employees will go above and beyond the client's expectation. Recently with the widespread growth of unregulated blogging and bulletin boards online, we have discovered many false and unsubstantiated posts in regards to Unlike printed media (newspapers, magazines) One stop Motors or any other reputable company cannot accuse an online publication of false accusations and request a retraction of false claims with the threat of legal recourse. After discovering a large portion of complaints on blogs, forums and Rip Off Report, we urged them to investigate. Rip off Report did do an investigation and found that an overwhelming majority of all claims on their site were not even made by any past or current customers of OSM. Rip Off Report now gave us their stamp of approval as a reputable business. Furthermore when trying to track down names and vehicles of the online posts, very few matched our client database. We can only assume that these are being made by competitors or disgruntled employees. Please take into account that we have listed over 30,000 vehicles in 6 years. Out of these 30,000 there are a handful of complaints; a much less percentage than most retail stores who are selling pre packaged in the box products. Not products that are used with wear and tear and require multiple levels of service for a transaction to happen. If you truly are a customer of One Stop Motors, we invite you to contact our customer service team toll free at 877-566-6686 from 8am to 5pm Monday – Friday p.s.t.. Every effort will be made by our customer service team to answer any concern and reach an amicable resolution.

How One Stop motors works:

One Stop Motors is a full service advertising agency licensed with the City of Las Vegas. We work with those who wish to have the maximum exposure possible when selling their vehicles. When enlisting in our program, sellers receive not only custom marketing tools, but a full-time in-house customer service team that works directly with potential buyers on our clients behalf. OSM contracts with third party affiliates in order for us to offer added value services such as financing, shipping and extended warranties. Clients contract with OSM to advertise their vehicle and pay a one time fee to procure our service. In return OSM builds a personalized advertising package for our client’s vehicle with placement on over 20 highly trafficked independent websites and a national automotive magazine. OSM cannot guarantee that a vehicle will sell within a specific time frame or for a specific dollar amount. OSM does guarantee to advertise our client’s vehicles until sold. Clients of OSM can verify that we are keeping our commitment to advertise until sold by logging into their private OSM account area and independently review their full advertising package.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 Fraud Awareness Information Brought To You By One Stop Motors

One Stop Motors Online Fraud AwarenessOne Stop Motors cares for the safety of personal information of our online consumers, and would like to present this article below to help bring about Fraud Awareness.


For some time now there have been bogus emails concerning buying a vehicle with payment by "cashiers check". Please read the following tips on how to prevent being scammed.

* Common-Sense Advice for Sellers
* Counterfeit Cashier's Check
* Common-Sense Advice for Buyers
* How to Protect Yourself
* Examples

Common-Sense Advice for Sellers

Selling a car you find online is a lot like selling a car through a classified ad in the newspaper. In either case, use your best judgment.

Confirm contact information
Be particularly wary of buyers located overseas. Always verify the buyer's street address and phone number.

Secure payment first
Do not transfer the title until you have payment in hand at the agreed upon price.

Verify that a certified check is genuine
Before you deposit a certified check, verify authenticity with the issuing bank-not just your bank. Make sure the account contains sufficient funds and the issuing bank guarantees payment on the check. It may take a week or more for the check to clear. It hasn't cleared just because your bank has accepted it and credited your account.

Counterfeit Cashier's Check

You are selling an item over the Internet - it could be a used car, motor home, or even an airplane.

Beware of the following...

You receive an email offer to purchase your item and the buyer says he'll send a bank cashier's check. The buyer is from Nigeria or "West Africa", but has a business associate in the United States who will send you the cashier's check. Then you are told that for some reason the check was already made out to you for an amount larger than your asking price. The buyer asks you to please deposit the check, wait for it to clear, and then send him the difference -- "but only after the cashier's check clears, of course."

You are skeptical - but, sure enough, the bank cashier's check arrives by Fed Ex, it looks real, your bank accepts the check, and the bank assures you the funds are in fact available. So you wait the time the bank recommends to verify that the check is clear and then you wire the difference to your buyer in Nigeria and prepare to ship your item.

A week later your bank calls: "We're very sorry, but the cashier's check was counterfeit" -- a superb copy, but worthless. Your account is frozen. You must pay the bank back the entire amount of the cashier's check. You may even be considered a fraud suspect yourself.

Your "buyer" disappears. About the only good news: sellers rarely get to the point of shipping their items abroad.

Common-Sense Advice for Buyers

Buying a car you find online is a lot like buying a car through a classified ad in the newspaper. In either case, use your best judgment.

Know the car's market value
Be suspicious of a vehicle priced significantly below market value. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Obtain a vehicle history report
A vehicle history report (Autocheck) can provide useful information, such as who holds the title to the car and whether the car has been in an accident reported to authorities. You'll also find out whether the car was ever reported stolen, salvaged or damaged.

Inspect the car
Schedule an inspection with a professional mechanic or an inspection service if the car is not in your area. An early inspection can help you identify problems. However, keep in mind that an inspection isn't a warranty and won't guarantee a car is free from defects or that inspectors have identified all existing problems.

Confirm contact information
Before you send payment, verify the seller's street address and phone number-an email address is not enough. ZIP codes, area codes and addresses should match up. Be wary if the seller is located overseas.

Get a detailed receipt
Ask the seller for a receipt that states whether the vehicle is being sold with a warranty or "as is."

Get title to the vehicle
Make sure you know what's required in your state to transfer title to the vehicle you're buying.

How to Protect Yourself

If you are selling online, be extremely skeptical of any offers

* from overseas to a party you do not know
* paid by cashier's check
* from buyers sending more than the purchase price of the item
* from buyers who seem more worried about payment than the shipment of the item to them
* from buyers who show little or no concern to the condition of the item they are purchasing

Also, a bank may make money "available" to you almost at once if you deposit a purported bank cashier's check, but that's NOT a guarantee the check is authentic. It could be returned as counterfeit up to three years later, and the bank will hold you responsible for the money.

Ways to verify a check include:

* Inspect the check carefully to ensure it contains all the legal elements of a check.
* Amount of the check, in figures and words, should match. Often this amount is machine "impressed" on official bank checks.
* Account number should be encoded in MICR ink (should not be shiny in appearance).
* Ensure the drawer's signature appears on the check; watch for tracing lines, "shaky" writing. Often facsimile signatures are used on official bank checks, with a second, original signature required for amounts exceeding a designated dollar amount.
* Perforations - checks are generally perforated on at least one side.
* Routing and transit numbers appearing in the MICR line and elsewhere on the check should be consistent.
* Contact the financial institution on which the check is drawn for authentication that the check is valid with no outstanding claims for loss, stolen or destroyed instrument. Verify if the person whose signature appears on the check on behalf of the bank is authorized to sign official checks of the bank.
* IMPORTANT:Independently verify the item to verify its authenticity. Do not rely on information printed on the face of the check, such as phone numbers or name/location of bank, because in a convincing scam, these numbers will often connect directly to the scam artists or their associates.
* Find the bank's telephone number from a reliable source, such as a bank directory, the bank's web site or directory assistance.
* Verify as much information as possible - check number (is it in normal sequence of other official checks issued by the bank), payee, issue date, amount and authorized signatory. Ask if the bank's official checks bear any security features, such as watermarks, security threads, background patterns, high-resolution borders, void pantograph, etc.
* If there is any doubt as to the collectibility of the check, do not accept the check for deposit or encashment. Send the check to the issuing financial institution for collection. Ask that proceeds be wired directly to the customer's account.
* As an alternative to sending the item for collection, deposit the check to the customer's account, and place a Reg. CC exception hold. Under Reg. CC, the entire amount of non-local checks can be held for up to 11 business days before making the money available for customer's use, if the bank can evidence "reasonable cause to doubt collectibility." In the case of a cashier's check or other official check of a bank, if the check contains any questionable feature, erasures, alterations, etc., the depositary bank has a "reasonable cause to doubt collectibility."

Beware of overpayment or other complicated payment schemes

Don't agree to any plan where the buyer asks to send a check for more than the sale price and requests that the seller refund the difference. And be suspicious of any buyer who proposes making payment through a friend or agent of the buyer.


Example 1

I saw your advert on online and am ready to pay you $1000. Just for you to hold it. I am based in uk. My mode of payment will be through money order, I will instruct my client in the USA to make out a money order of $5000 to you. reason being that it is a refund payment, and the customer issuing the check has the policy not to issue more than one check to a refund payment, which means that the check is going to carry the whole amount of what i am buying and also the shipping. The excess will be for the shipping of the item and my other goods in the USA. I want you to send the balance which is meant for the shipping to my shipper who I will instruct to contact you after i have received an email from you telling me you want to sell to me. If my offer is okay kindly reply by giving me your full name and address to which payment will be made too and also photos so I can see what I really want to get.


Example 2

I'm Fred Martins from UK. Having seen your advert, I hereby crave your indulgence to my interest of buying it and the payment will be made through via check, after which, my shipper will come or the pick-up. I shall interested to know the suitable price of this items bisides, I will send 3000 dollar on check to you and after the clearance you will wire the balance through western union transfer to my shipper.

Fred Martin


One Stop Motors Used Cars For Sale is your ONE STOP for Buying, Selling, and Financing all motorized vehicles. offers options for financing, extended warranties, world wide shipping and One Stop Motors customer satisfaction commitment.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Used Motorhomes & RVs For Sale

One Stop Motors is proud to announce the launch of their new Motorhome/RV Division - One Stop Motorhomes!

One Stop Motorhomes deals exclusively with the buying, selling, and financing of used motorhomes and used recreational vehicles.

Visit One Stop Motorhomes today for the best deals online on used motorhomes for sale and used rvs for sale!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Manual Versus Automatic Transmission

The age old debate of manual vs. automatic can be simply concluded in one word: preference. Choosing between the two has always remained the great debate unless we get cars with transmission that allows them to shift automatically.

Starting with automatic, they are simple, fun and easy to handle. The driver just has to keep one foot on gas pedal and rest of job is done by car, while you sit back and enjoy the ride. Manuals on other hand, give the driver total control on the car and a great feeling knowing that you have all the power on the car and its going your way. In technical terms feature a driver-operated clutch and a movable gear selector, which can change gear ratios automatically as the vehicle moves, and doesn’t require the driver to change gears automatically. The big question is which one of the two is better? Comparison between manual and automatic are general guidelines depending on what on a driver wants and may not apply in certain conditions.

Manuals are known to give better fuel economy as compared to autos. Increased fuel economy in manual transmission is raised by 5 to 15 percent as compared to autos. The mechanical efficiency of autos is cut down by driving the high pressure hydraulic pumps required for its operation. Manual transmissions are still more efficient than belt-driven continuously-variable transmissions. Manuals do not lose much power in as heat through the transmission. The control given to driver in a manual is important for a driver who knows the correct procedure for executing a driving maneuver. Driving a manual requires more involvement from the driver and concentration since the driver is multi-tasking by shifting gears, monitoring traffic and anticipating events. And if the driver fails to multi task then the machine will soon end up in an incorrect gear, which will be obvious from excessive or insufficient engine RPM. Autos require regular servicing and you won’t find diesel versions around. On other hand driving a manual can be a tedious job since it requires continuous shifting and you will never see both hands on steering wheel. If a driver feels a distraction from source like cell phones while driving a manual it can get dangerous, while autos allow flexibility with multi tasking. A manual requires its driver to be adept or practice with car since one must develop a feel for properly engaging the clutch and good accelerator pedal application and clutch control when starting the car from a standstill. . Autos however are more popular among women for its ease and convenience. Manuals can pose a problem when started from a rest at a steep position. There is less wear and tear on gear box transmission and vehicle body due to automatic gear changes. Keeping in view advantages and disadvantages mentioned above, let us consider some other factors which may decide which transmission you require.

If the driver wants most power from his car then going for a manual will surely be the best bet.

Is fuel economy an issue for you? If so, then manual is your choice since autos are known to be more fuel thirsty then manuals. This will be more pronounced if you do a lot of highway or country road driving and less important if you do a lot of city driving. In addition to this small car with small engines, the power exhausted by an automatic transmission is more evident.

Automatics have good resale values and will benefit you if you consider the resale factor. Manual however should be your premiere choice, when buying a car if you have a tight budget. Moreover you will get added features with a manual transmission in a limited budget. Manuals are known to have better mileage and price range with greater accessories, making it ideal choice for people with limited resources.

Though the maintenance factor is not very important but one should consider it especially when buying a car with high mileage and questionable owner history. Automatic transmissions are more prone to wear and tear and thus require space in your budget. Plus its maintenance requires additional care.

And last but not the least comes the fun factor, where manuals definitely take over autos. Manual transmissions give the driver a feel of power and authority over the car engine and you can get maximum power from it. However driving a manual can be a tedious job if you drive in heavy traffic everyday.

I hope you find the information useful, but I again emphasize on the fact there is no good or bad when it comes to transmission and it all depends on one's individual preferences.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Comprehensive Review on the Toyota RAV 4

The Toyota RAV4 is a compact crossover SUV built and marketed by the Toyota Motor Corporation. It was originally built to provide to consumers a vehicle that had most of the benefits of SUVs, such as increased cargo room, higher visibility, and the option of four wheel drive, along with the maneuverability and fuel economy of a smaller car. Its name stands for "Recreational Activity Vehicle, 4-wheel drive," although not all models have four wheel drives.

Undergoing changes, the Toyota RAV4 has been upgraded for 12 years and unveiled the third generation in 2006.The Toyota RAV4 was completely redesigned for the 2006 model year, on an all-new platform. It still has the 2AZ-FE 2.4 L four-cylinder engine, which now produces 166 hp, up five from the previous year. The North American RAV4 is also fitted with the 2GR-FE 3.5 L V6 engine, boosting its power to 269-hp. The Australian RAV4, fitted with only the 2.4L four-cylinder engine, was introduced with the 2GR-FE V6 engine towards the end of 2007. The new RAV4 topped Toyota SUV sales in the United States for the first time. It is also the first generation of RAV4 to be offered in regular (for Asian and European markets) and extended (for American and Australian markets) versions. Not only is it the first compact SUV to offer third-row seating, but it now has improved aerodynamics, interior space and cabin noise reduction.

The extended-length RAV4 is larger by 21% in interior volume from the last generation and now has an available third-row seat for two small children (US and Canada only). The RAV4 can still be had in either two-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive in the United States; however, most countries, but you will find only the four wheel version in countries like Canada.

JDM models are X, G, and Sport. The X and G can be ordered with either front-drive or 4WD. The Sport model with over fender is 4WD only. In Australia, the RAV4 is sold in base CV, mid-range Cruiser, and top of the line Cruiser L trim levels. The extended-length RAV4 is sold in Japan as the Toyota Vanguard.

Currently, the RAV4 is produced in two locations in Japan: Toyota's Tahara, Aichi assembly plant, and under contract by Toyota Industries in its Nagakusa, Obu, and Aichi plant. However, when Toyota's Woodstock, Ontario, Canada assembly plant comes online in 2008, models sold in North America will be assembled exclusively there (effective May 2009).

For 2008, Rav cross sport was added in line by Toyota. The Cross Sport is based on the Sol, with several changes and additions to the standard equipment. The Cross Sports comes with newly styled 17-inch alloys, shielding plates under the bumpers, LED tail-lamps, an audio and a DVD navigation structure with a parking assistance and anthracite coloured seats. A 152 Hp 2.0-Liter-VVT-i petrol unit a 136 HP strong 2.2-liter D-4D diesel unit will be seen in Europe by mid September.

Styles and Major Options

The 2006 Toyota RAV4 is available in the following 3 trims: Base, Sport, and Limited.


Following options are available in Rav4 Base:
* 17-inch 5-spoke styled steel wheels with P225/65R17 tires and full-size spare tire on 17-in. steel wheel
* 17-inch 5-spoke aluminium alloy wheels with P225/65R17 tires and full-size spare tire on 17-in. steel wheel
* Tonneau covers with multi-purpose cargo net with support poles
* AM/FM 6-disc in-dash CD changer, MP3/WMA capability and six speakers
* Roof is black with rails and cross bars
* Air bags in driver and front passenger seats and sensing air bags in back seats
* It has DRL instilled
* Fabric-trimmed 50/50 Split ∧ they come with height adjustable head rests
* Tow Prep Package (V6 models only) with 3500-lb. towing competence – includes upgraded radiator


Options available on the RAV4 Sport are:
* Tonneau covers with multi-purpose cargo net with support poles
AM/FM 6-disc in-dash CD changer, MP3/WMA capability and six speakers
* JBL® AM/FM 6-disc in-dash CD changer, MP3/WMA capability and nine speakers (includes subwoofer and steering wheel audio controls)
* Driver and front passenger front seat-mounted side airbags and front- and second-row roll-sensing side curtain airbags (RSCA)
* Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
* Power tilt/slide moon roof with sunshade
* Tow Prep Package (V6 models only) with 3500-lb. towing capacity – includes upgraded radiator, fan coupling, and alternator


Options available on the RAV4 Limited are:
* AM/FM 6-disc in-dash CD changer, MP3/WMA capability with sub woofers
* Rear-seat DVD entertainment system with rear-seat audio and two wireless headphones (includes 115V power outlet and RCA jacks)
* Air bags for both front driver and front passenger and RSCA for back seats
* Heated seats for both driver and front passenger
* Leather-trimmed seats
* Instilled with DRL
* Sliding roof with sun shade
* Fabric-trimmed 50/50 Split & Stow 3rd Row TM seats with fold-flat-into-floor capability and height-adjustable headrests
* Tow Prep Package (V6 models only) with 3500-lb. towing capacity – includes upgraded radiator, fan coupling, and alternator

Interior and Comforts
* Dual Zone A/C that can filtrate air and remove dust/pollen
* AM/FM in-Dash 6-including 6 speakers
* Auxiliary Audio Jack available
* Steering wheel is wrapped in leather and allows you to control audio as well
* Manual Tilting/Telescopic Adjusting Steering Wheel
* Fabric-trimmed Interior with power-adjustable driver's seat and manually-adjustable passenger's seat
* Fabric-trimmed multi-adjustable front seats with driver's height adjustment
* Centre console with 2 illuminated cup holders, cell phone storage, upper storage tray, and lower console box
* 2nd Row 60/40 split, recline, fold flat with slide forward capability with centre armrest and 2 cup holders
* It has dual glove box, power windows and locks, remote entry and a digital clock
* Cargo area second row seat with one touch fold-flat lever
* comes with storage for cargo in rear

Colors can be varied by trim

* Super White
* Savannah Metallic
* Classic Silver Metallic
* Barcelona Red Metallic
* Pacific Blue Metallic
* Black
* Flint Mica
* Blizzard White Pearl
* Everglade Metallic
* Nautical Blue Metallic

Toyota Rav was originally developed for Japanese consumers where conventionally driving is done on left side of road, the door hinges are on the passenger side and the door of the rear trunk sways horizontally only. This features poses problem in international market as the door blocks path to control when it is opened. A smaller gas tank very much destroyed the original purpose of Rav with fuel economy and it ends up becoming more of a problem for the owner. Even with a low base price the RAV4 does not turn out to be economical if the buyer plump for extra perquisite as the price increases significantly with options such as the side and side-curtain airbags. The third row seats were a new innovation by company but proved very uncomfortable for adults.

Hybrid/Electric Models
Toyota RAV is also available in an all-electric version called the RAV4 EV from 1997-2002. It is powered exclusively by 24 12-volt batteries which can be fully charged in 5 hours. Top speed of RAV4EV is 80 miles per hour, and a range of 80-120 miles when fully charged. The RAV4EV has proven to outperform the traditional RAV4 in acceleration tests, and has shown impressive performance with the flow of traffic at any posted speed limit in the United States.

Wear and tear of RAV4EV battery approximately costs US$26,000 to replace, due to short supply. The remaining systems in the RAV4EV are same as gas-powered RAV4, like power brakes, power steering and air conditioning. Maintenance cost of these systems is also same as that of gas powered RAV4.

Toyota has not expressed interest in refreshing the RAV4 EV line. Proponents for the RAV4 EV are hopeful low-cost batteries capable of being powerful enough for the RAV4 EV drive system, will allow consumers to own and afford it.

To find a pre-owned Toyota Rav 4, visit One Stop Motors, where you can find thousands of Toyota Rav 4s and other used cars for sale.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Review on One Stop Motors: Why Choose One Stop Motors

The One Stop Motors Advantage

If you are someone who is planning to buy a new or used car, then we would like you to know about One Stop Motors before you visit the guy in the polyester suit. With more and more people relying on the Internet to buy or sell cars, One Stop Motors has evolved to becoming the best online classifieds for buying or selling cars online. Statistics show that over 43% people use the Internet to buy or sell cars, and the number is increasing day by day.

So which online classified should be trusted when it comes to buying or selling cars? Based on our personal experience, we found One Stop Motors extremely professional in their dealings and they ensured a smooth transaction.

If you’re buying or selling at One Stop Motors, then you'll find the largest collection of new and used vehicles anywhere in USA, plus a comprehensive set of tips related to online car dealing, as well as reviews with insurance and warranty details.

We found the staff at One Stop Motors extremely cordial and helpful in every stage -- from advertising to shipping, while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and service. One Stop Motors is the most comprehensive destination for those looking to buy or sell a new or used car. Combining ads from more than 1000 listed dealers, classified ads from more than 120 newspapers nationally as well as our online private party ads, One Stop Motors is the best place to find the car you're searching for.

What we liked most about the advertising section was the fact that One Stop Motors allots more characters in your listing then any other website. One Stop Motors offers unlimited time for your ad listing until your vehicle gets sold or unless you want to remove it yourself. In addition, the search capabilities of One Stop Motors allow users to sort results from model to price to location helps potential buyers get to you easily.

The credibility of One Stop Motors has made it the top choice for buyers and sellers nationwide. The better a site’s overall reputation for quality, the better your chances for having your ad viewed. Selling your car on the Internet is a win-win situation both for the seller and for the buyer. And One Stop Motors makes sure that you feel like a winner at the end of day.

One Stop Motors helped us design a listing for our car that was both dynamic and attractive which helped in easy and timely selling. One Stop Motors has advanced search fields that includes the make, distance from your home, mileage, transmission type, and more which will help you sort results by various categories. Top quality used motorized vehicles from all manufacturers are available on One Stop Motors, with skilled customer support who are highly trained and familiar with automobiles.

At One Stop Motors, photos appear next to each vehicle in your search results; so no additional clicks are necessary whereas other online classifieds do not have this time saving feature. We were also impressed by the customized search options where you are e-mailed about a new listing that matches your search criteria. At One Stop Motors, you don’t have to waste time in bidding for your desired vehicle like on E-bay. It has one of the biggest online car selling inventory trusted by buyers and sellers user all over the USA with zero chance for online car scams or frauds.
To make the car buying experience easier, One Stop Motors also offers shipping and insurance services --- thus delivering a complete package of services and professionalism.

One Stop Motors has surpassed our expectations with top notch services and delivering the very best in online classifieds. Use One Stop Motors for buying, selling, or to keep up to date with the latest motoring news, views and information as it happens.

They will definitely win you over too.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Seat Belt History by One Stop Motors Research

We all remember Britney spears making headlines for driving with her son on her lap without a seat belt. Yes, seat belts have put as many people in trouble as many it has saved.

Today, seat belt security has saved over 50,000 lives all over the world. So who first came up with this novel idea? The history of seat belts dates back to 1800 when George Cayley introduced seat belts for the first time. Seat belts were not used in cars until 1930 when American physicians equipped their cars with safety belts and also advocated its usage. Before these seat belts were mostly used in aero planes and were considered as something that help a person stick to a fix object while maneuvering the aero plane. Seatbelts did not serve the purpose of protecting on collision but just kept the person on wheels in a fix position especially during racing.

Edward J. Claghorn was granted U.S. Patent 312,085 on February 10, 1885 for a safety belt. Engineer Hugo De Haven invented the inertia reel and introduced the concept of packaging passengers. Col. John P Stapp tested working of seat belts and proposed that most people are not killed on plane hitting ground or car collision, but rather hitting inside elements of air plane or a car. By 1954, the Sports car club of America required its participants to wear lap belts during races, and automotive engineers appointed a vehicle seat belt committee.

Some U.S. manufacturers provided automatic locking retractors (ALRs) in front seat belts. Edward J. Hock invented the safety belt first used by the Ford Motor Company as standard equipment. Most U.S. manufacturers provided lap belts at front outboard seat positions. Three point seat belt was patented in 1951 by Hugo De Haven, but not much is known about its practical usage in cars. The first car manufacturer to introduce car seat belts as standard was Saab in 1958. After this, the three point seat belt was seen in Volvo in 1958.

Until the late 1960s and early 1970s, the automotive industry in the U.S. was almost entirely unregulated, and concern over traffic safety had been minimal. In 1965 about 56,000 people were victims of car collision. Seat belts were applauded not only in America but Europe as well. By 1966 it was made compulsory to install seat belts in front seats of a car. By 1964 American cars were sold with safety belts in the front only, but later in 1968 safety belts in rear seats were standardized. In 1970, the state of Victoria, Australia passed a world wide legislation that made wearing seat belt compulsory. By the end of 1980s rear seat belts were made standard and wearing them was made compulsory for children under 14. Safety belts were also introduced in mini buses and coaches, especially those carrying school children.

Today, all car and mini coaches come with seat belts and 2003 marked the 20th anniversary of safety belts usage where it has saved over 50,000 lives and counting. The journey does not stop here. Automobile manufacturers are coming up with new innovative ideas to make cars safer. The lap belt or three point seat belts have been replaced by more complicated and sophisticated technologies. Most cars in USA come with safety belt reminders that buzz until the driver fastens his seat belt. Safety belt legislation has also managed to put a strict check on drivers. The effects of seat belt laws are disputed by some, stemming from observed finding that following the passage of seat belt laws, road fatalities often did not decrease. However, it is still strongly advised to fasten your seat belts when driving.

As with adult drivers and passengers, the advent of seat belts was accompanied by calls for their use by child occupants, including legislation requiring such use. As responsible citizens, we must respect law and use safety belts in order to protect our family and fellow passengers.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Images That Sell on One Stop Motors

We’ve all heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Perhaps the most valuable tool for moving a vehicle quickly is the photographs in the listing. When searching for that perfect car or truck, it’s the photos that are going to draw interested buyers into a listing. Moreover, high quality photos also have the potential to move the vehicle for hundreds or thousands more in cash value.

Photos should be taken with the best camera available, ideally a digital camera capable of shooting at least 7mp images. Both the interior and exterior of the vehicle should be cleaned thoroughly before being photographed. Giving your used vehicle a new look by cleaning it before the photos are taken will go a long way toward a higher cash value at the time of sale.

Have a clear idea of which areas of the vehicle you wish to photograph. A One Stop Motors ad package allows you to upload 12 vehicle photos per listing. 12 Photos are easily enough to give an overall treatment of the vehicle. Here is a simple list of suggested photo regions for a standard 4-door car or truck:


* Front
* Rear
* Passenger Side
* Driver Side
* Tire Close-up


* Front Seats (From Driver Door)
* Front Seats (From Passenger Door)
* Back Seats (From Driver Side)
* Back Seats (From Passenger Side)
* Dashboard
* Odometer Close Up
* VIN Close up

Quality Photos Are Essential When Selling a Vehicle Online

As you can see, these 12 photos provide more than enough detail to wet the appetites of potential buyers. Extra photos should also be taken and kept on hand. While they may not appear in the listing itself, buyers often request additional photos before opting to purchase. Some good areas for these extra shots are “under the hood” photos, photos of the exhaust, as well as any major dents or problem areas.

Choosing the right location for photographing your vehicle is also an important consideration. Ideally, the location should be simple, drawing attention to the vehicle. Well maintained driveways and curbsides are good choices. If possible avoid locations with excessive clutter, or with ill maintained structures in the background. Try and take the photos under clear weather conditions, at around the middle of the day. This will make for higher quality photos with sharper detail.

Taking the time and effort to include clear, bright, high quality photos in your listing is possibly the single most effective tool to increase the effectiveness of your vehicle’s marketing campaign.

Sell Used Cars & Sell Used Vehicles at One Stop Motors

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy 2008!

The One Stop Motors team would like to wish you a very happy and prosperous new year ahead!

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