Thursday, January 17, 2008

Images That Sell on One Stop Motors

We’ve all heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Perhaps the most valuable tool for moving a vehicle quickly is the photographs in the listing. When searching for that perfect car or truck, it’s the photos that are going to draw interested buyers into a listing. Moreover, high quality photos also have the potential to move the vehicle for hundreds or thousands more in cash value.

Photos should be taken with the best camera available, ideally a digital camera capable of shooting at least 7mp images. Both the interior and exterior of the vehicle should be cleaned thoroughly before being photographed. Giving your used vehicle a new look by cleaning it before the photos are taken will go a long way toward a higher cash value at the time of sale.

Have a clear idea of which areas of the vehicle you wish to photograph. A One Stop Motors ad package allows you to upload 12 vehicle photos per listing. 12 Photos are easily enough to give an overall treatment of the vehicle. Here is a simple list of suggested photo regions for a standard 4-door car or truck:


* Front
* Rear
* Passenger Side
* Driver Side
* Tire Close-up


* Front Seats (From Driver Door)
* Front Seats (From Passenger Door)
* Back Seats (From Driver Side)
* Back Seats (From Passenger Side)
* Dashboard
* Odometer Close Up
* VIN Close up

Quality Photos Are Essential When Selling a Vehicle Online

As you can see, these 12 photos provide more than enough detail to wet the appetites of potential buyers. Extra photos should also be taken and kept on hand. While they may not appear in the listing itself, buyers often request additional photos before opting to purchase. Some good areas for these extra shots are “under the hood” photos, photos of the exhaust, as well as any major dents or problem areas.

Choosing the right location for photographing your vehicle is also an important consideration. Ideally, the location should be simple, drawing attention to the vehicle. Well maintained driveways and curbsides are good choices. If possible avoid locations with excessive clutter, or with ill maintained structures in the background. Try and take the photos under clear weather conditions, at around the middle of the day. This will make for higher quality photos with sharper detail.

Taking the time and effort to include clear, bright, high quality photos in your listing is possibly the single most effective tool to increase the effectiveness of your vehicle’s marketing campaign.

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ummm nice logic there geniuses.... I'm sure after Pepsi does a superbowl commercial they pay them after they sell a million pepsis right? Or call and say hey can I have my money back we didn't sell any Pepsis...I really don't know about this company. But I work in advertising and I just can't let an ignorant post go unchallenged. Bottom line is you are paying for exposure, if it doesn’t sell it’s the product (your car) not the ad agency.

This unregulated ignorance has got to stop, help us congress!!