Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Review on One Stop Motors: Why Choose One Stop Motors

The One Stop Motors Advantage

If you are someone who is planning to buy a new or used car, then we would like you to know about One Stop Motors before you visit the guy in the polyester suit. With more and more people relying on the Internet to buy or sell cars, One Stop Motors has evolved to becoming the best online classifieds for buying or selling cars online. Statistics show that over 43% people use the Internet to buy or sell cars, and the number is increasing day by day.

So which online classified should be trusted when it comes to buying or selling cars? Based on our personal experience, we found One Stop Motors extremely professional in their dealings and they ensured a smooth transaction.

If you’re buying or selling at One Stop Motors, then you'll find the largest collection of new and used vehicles anywhere in USA, plus a comprehensive set of tips related to online car dealing, as well as reviews with insurance and warranty details.

We found the staff at One Stop Motors extremely cordial and helpful in every stage -- from advertising to shipping, while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and service. One Stop Motors is the most comprehensive destination for those looking to buy or sell a new or used car. Combining ads from more than 1000 listed dealers, classified ads from more than 120 newspapers nationally as well as our online private party ads, One Stop Motors is the best place to find the car you're searching for.

What we liked most about the advertising section was the fact that One Stop Motors allots more characters in your listing then any other website. One Stop Motors offers unlimited time for your ad listing until your vehicle gets sold or unless you want to remove it yourself. In addition, the search capabilities of One Stop Motors allow users to sort results from model to price to location helps potential buyers get to you easily.

The credibility of One Stop Motors has made it the top choice for buyers and sellers nationwide. The better a site’s overall reputation for quality, the better your chances for having your ad viewed. Selling your car on the Internet is a win-win situation both for the seller and for the buyer. And One Stop Motors makes sure that you feel like a winner at the end of day.

One Stop Motors helped us design a listing for our car that was both dynamic and attractive which helped in easy and timely selling. One Stop Motors has advanced search fields that includes the make, distance from your home, mileage, transmission type, and more which will help you sort results by various categories. Top quality used motorized vehicles from all manufacturers are available on One Stop Motors, with skilled customer support who are highly trained and familiar with automobiles.

At One Stop Motors, photos appear next to each vehicle in your search results; so no additional clicks are necessary whereas other online classifieds do not have this time saving feature. We were also impressed by the customized search options where you are e-mailed about a new listing that matches your search criteria. At One Stop Motors, you don’t have to waste time in bidding for your desired vehicle like on E-bay. It has one of the biggest online car selling inventory trusted by buyers and sellers user all over the USA with zero chance for online car scams or frauds.
To make the car buying experience easier, One Stop Motors also offers shipping and insurance services --- thus delivering a complete package of services and professionalism.

One Stop Motors has surpassed our expectations with top notch services and delivering the very best in online classifieds. Use One Stop Motors for buying, selling, or to keep up to date with the latest motoring news, views and information as it happens.

They will definitely win you over too.

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