Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Review on One Stop Motors: Why Choose One Stop Motors

The One Stop Motors Advantage

If you are someone who is planning to buy a new or used car, then we would like you to know about One Stop Motors before you visit the guy in the polyester suit. With more and more people relying on the Internet to buy or sell cars, One Stop Motors has evolved to becoming the best online classifieds for buying or selling cars online. Statistics show that over 43% people use the Internet to buy or sell cars, and the number is increasing day by day.

So which online classified should be trusted when it comes to buying or selling cars? Based on our personal experience, we found One Stop Motors extremely professional in their dealings and they ensured a smooth transaction.

If you’re buying or selling at One Stop Motors, then you'll find the largest collection of new and used vehicles anywhere in USA, plus a comprehensive set of tips related to online car dealing, as well as reviews with insurance and warranty details.

We found the staff at One Stop Motors extremely cordial and helpful in every stage -- from advertising to shipping, while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and service. One Stop Motors is the most comprehensive destination for those looking to buy or sell a new or used car. Combining ads from more than 1000 listed dealers, classified ads from more than 120 newspapers nationally as well as our online private party ads, One Stop Motors is the best place to find the car you're searching for.

What we liked most about the advertising section was the fact that One Stop Motors allots more characters in your listing then any other website. One Stop Motors offers unlimited time for your ad listing until your vehicle gets sold or unless you want to remove it yourself. In addition, the search capabilities of One Stop Motors allow users to sort results from model to price to location helps potential buyers get to you easily.

The credibility of One Stop Motors has made it the top choice for buyers and sellers nationwide. The better a site’s overall reputation for quality, the better your chances for having your ad viewed. Selling your car on the Internet is a win-win situation both for the seller and for the buyer. And One Stop Motors makes sure that you feel like a winner at the end of day.

One Stop Motors helped us design a listing for our car that was both dynamic and attractive which helped in easy and timely selling. One Stop Motors has advanced search fields that includes the make, distance from your home, mileage, transmission type, and more which will help you sort results by various categories. Top quality used motorized vehicles from all manufacturers are available on One Stop Motors, with skilled customer support who are highly trained and familiar with automobiles.

At One Stop Motors, photos appear next to each vehicle in your search results; so no additional clicks are necessary whereas other online classifieds do not have this time saving feature. We were also impressed by the customized search options where you are e-mailed about a new listing that matches your search criteria. At One Stop Motors, you don’t have to waste time in bidding for your desired vehicle like on E-bay. It has one of the biggest online car selling inventory trusted by buyers and sellers user all over the USA with zero chance for online car scams or frauds.
To make the car buying experience easier, One Stop Motors also offers shipping and insurance services --- thus delivering a complete package of services and professionalism.

One Stop Motors has surpassed our expectations with top notch services and delivering the very best in online classifieds. Use One Stop Motors for buying, selling, or to keep up to date with the latest motoring news, views and information as it happens.

They will definitely win you over too.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Seat Belt History by One Stop Motors Research

We all remember Britney spears making headlines for driving with her son on her lap without a seat belt. Yes, seat belts have put as many people in trouble as many it has saved.

Today, seat belt security has saved over 50,000 lives all over the world. So who first came up with this novel idea? The history of seat belts dates back to 1800 when George Cayley introduced seat belts for the first time. Seat belts were not used in cars until 1930 when American physicians equipped their cars with safety belts and also advocated its usage. Before these seat belts were mostly used in aero planes and were considered as something that help a person stick to a fix object while maneuvering the aero plane. Seatbelts did not serve the purpose of protecting on collision but just kept the person on wheels in a fix position especially during racing.

Edward J. Claghorn was granted U.S. Patent 312,085 on February 10, 1885 for a safety belt. Engineer Hugo De Haven invented the inertia reel and introduced the concept of packaging passengers. Col. John P Stapp tested working of seat belts and proposed that most people are not killed on plane hitting ground or car collision, but rather hitting inside elements of air plane or a car. By 1954, the Sports car club of America required its participants to wear lap belts during races, and automotive engineers appointed a vehicle seat belt committee.

Some U.S. manufacturers provided automatic locking retractors (ALRs) in front seat belts. Edward J. Hock invented the safety belt first used by the Ford Motor Company as standard equipment. Most U.S. manufacturers provided lap belts at front outboard seat positions. Three point seat belt was patented in 1951 by Hugo De Haven, but not much is known about its practical usage in cars. The first car manufacturer to introduce car seat belts as standard was Saab in 1958. After this, the three point seat belt was seen in Volvo in 1958.

Until the late 1960s and early 1970s, the automotive industry in the U.S. was almost entirely unregulated, and concern over traffic safety had been minimal. In 1965 about 56,000 people were victims of car collision. Seat belts were applauded not only in America but Europe as well. By 1966 it was made compulsory to install seat belts in front seats of a car. By 1964 American cars were sold with safety belts in the front only, but later in 1968 safety belts in rear seats were standardized. In 1970, the state of Victoria, Australia passed a world wide legislation that made wearing seat belt compulsory. By the end of 1980s rear seat belts were made standard and wearing them was made compulsory for children under 14. Safety belts were also introduced in mini buses and coaches, especially those carrying school children.

Today, all car and mini coaches come with seat belts and 2003 marked the 20th anniversary of safety belts usage where it has saved over 50,000 lives and counting. The journey does not stop here. Automobile manufacturers are coming up with new innovative ideas to make cars safer. The lap belt or three point seat belts have been replaced by more complicated and sophisticated technologies. Most cars in USA come with safety belt reminders that buzz until the driver fastens his seat belt. Safety belt legislation has also managed to put a strict check on drivers. The effects of seat belt laws are disputed by some, stemming from observed finding that following the passage of seat belt laws, road fatalities often did not decrease. However, it is still strongly advised to fasten your seat belts when driving.

As with adult drivers and passengers, the advent of seat belts was accompanied by calls for their use by child occupants, including legislation requiring such use. As responsible citizens, we must respect law and use safety belts in order to protect our family and fellow passengers.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Images That Sell on One Stop Motors

We’ve all heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Perhaps the most valuable tool for moving a vehicle quickly is the photographs in the listing. When searching for that perfect car or truck, it’s the photos that are going to draw interested buyers into a listing. Moreover, high quality photos also have the potential to move the vehicle for hundreds or thousands more in cash value.

Photos should be taken with the best camera available, ideally a digital camera capable of shooting at least 7mp images. Both the interior and exterior of the vehicle should be cleaned thoroughly before being photographed. Giving your used vehicle a new look by cleaning it before the photos are taken will go a long way toward a higher cash value at the time of sale.

Have a clear idea of which areas of the vehicle you wish to photograph. A One Stop Motors ad package allows you to upload 12 vehicle photos per listing. 12 Photos are easily enough to give an overall treatment of the vehicle. Here is a simple list of suggested photo regions for a standard 4-door car or truck:


* Front
* Rear
* Passenger Side
* Driver Side
* Tire Close-up


* Front Seats (From Driver Door)
* Front Seats (From Passenger Door)
* Back Seats (From Driver Side)
* Back Seats (From Passenger Side)
* Dashboard
* Odometer Close Up
* VIN Close up

Quality Photos Are Essential When Selling a Vehicle Online

As you can see, these 12 photos provide more than enough detail to wet the appetites of potential buyers. Extra photos should also be taken and kept on hand. While they may not appear in the listing itself, buyers often request additional photos before opting to purchase. Some good areas for these extra shots are “under the hood” photos, photos of the exhaust, as well as any major dents or problem areas.

Choosing the right location for photographing your vehicle is also an important consideration. Ideally, the location should be simple, drawing attention to the vehicle. Well maintained driveways and curbsides are good choices. If possible avoid locations with excessive clutter, or with ill maintained structures in the background. Try and take the photos under clear weather conditions, at around the middle of the day. This will make for higher quality photos with sharper detail.

Taking the time and effort to include clear, bright, high quality photos in your listing is possibly the single most effective tool to increase the effectiveness of your vehicle’s marketing campaign.

Sell Used Cars & Sell Used Vehicles at One Stop Motors

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy 2008!

The One Stop Motors team would like to wish you a very happy and prosperous new year ahead!

If you're in the market for buying or selling a used vehicle, remember that One Stop Motors can help. One Stop Motors is your ONE STOP for buying, selling, and financing all motorized vehicles.