Wednesday, October 15, 2008

By the OneStopMotors family

One Stop Motors employees will go above and beyond the client's expectation. Recently with the widespread growth of unregulated blogging and bulletin boards online, we have discovered many false and unsubstantiated posts in regards to Unlike printed media (newspapers, magazines) One stop Motors or any other reputable company cannot accuse an online publication of false accusations and request a retraction of false claims with the threat of legal recourse. After discovering a large portion of complaints on blogs, forums and Rip Off Report, we urged them to investigate. Rip off Report did do an investigation and found that an overwhelming majority of all claims on their site were not even made by any past or current customers of OSM. Rip Off Report now gave us their stamp of approval as a reputable business. Furthermore when trying to track down names and vehicles of the online posts, very few matched our client database. We can only assume that these are being made by competitors or disgruntled employees. Please take into account that we have listed over 30,000 vehicles in 6 years. Out of these 30,000 there are a handful of complaints; a much less percentage than most retail stores who are selling pre packaged in the box products. Not products that are used with wear and tear and require multiple levels of service for a transaction to happen. If you truly are a customer of One Stop Motors, we invite you to contact our customer service team toll free at 877-566-6686 from 8am to 5pm Monday – Friday p.s.t.. Every effort will be made by our customer service team to answer any concern and reach an amicable resolution.

How One Stop motors works:

One Stop Motors is a full service advertising agency licensed with the City of Las Vegas. We work with those who wish to have the maximum exposure possible when selling their vehicles. When enlisting in our program, sellers receive not only custom marketing tools, but a full-time in-house customer service team that works directly with potential buyers on our clients behalf. OSM contracts with third party affiliates in order for us to offer added value services such as financing, shipping and extended warranties. Clients contract with OSM to advertise their vehicle and pay a one time fee to procure our service. In return OSM builds a personalized advertising package for our client’s vehicle with placement on over 20 highly trafficked independent websites and a national automotive magazine. OSM cannot guarantee that a vehicle will sell within a specific time frame or for a specific dollar amount. OSM does guarantee to advertise our client’s vehicles until sold. Clients of OSM can verify that we are keeping our commitment to advertise until sold by logging into their private OSM account area and independently review their full advertising package.