Friday, November 18, 2011

Chrysler pitches in $1.7 billion to replace Jeep Liberty

It was reported in an article by today that Chrysler has announced it will invest $1.7 billion in the development of a new vehicle to replace the Jeep Liberty.  According to the article, $500 million will go to an expansion of the Ohio based Toledo Assembly Complex which produces the Jeep Liberty and the Dodge Nitro.  Included with this will be the creation of over 1,100 new jobs by 2013.

First introduced in 2002, the Jeep Liberty has been a constant performer for the Jeep name, despite lackluster reviews on it's safety performance.  Last year Chrysler reported that they sold nearly 50,000 Liberty vehicles.  While this may not be as staggering a number as the 170,000 plus Toyota RAV4's sold or Chevrolet's Equinox which just missed 150,000 sold, it is a decent number.  Chrysler apparently believes that a replacement model, more geared towards a mixture of it's competitors and it's parent company, Fiat, will help re-establish the Jeep brand and raise sales.  For now, Jeep Liberty will be on the market until it gets benched forever.

Tyler Baker, OSM Writer

( Source : Auto Blog )

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