Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Message From One Stop Motor's Very Own Google Pay Per Click Marketing Specialist

The One Stop Motor Guarantee 

Contrary to the ugly lies spread on the internet by our competitors on the internet, the truth of the matter is that One Stop Motors guarantees to market your vehicle until it is sold.  Notice that we do not guarantee to actually sell your car; we only guarantee to market it until it is sold.  

One Stop Motors Gets Your Vehicle to Page 1 of Google (PROOF*)

As the PPC (Pay Per Click) Specialist of One Stop Motors, it pains me to read all the negative press from our unscrupulous competitors out there.  They say we take your money and run and don't hold up our end of the deal, but the fact of the matter is that this is flat out untrue.  One Stop Motors uses the fee that we charge our customers to aggressively market your vehicle on Google using Google Adwords.  You know those ads you see on the top, bottom, and sidebar of Google when you make a search?  The PPC manager ensures that your ad gets to Page 1 of Google and stays there until it is sold.  If it is not sold within 30 days, we still keep the ads up and pay for it out of our own budget.  What does this mean?  It means:

One Stop Motors NEEDS To Sell Your Vehicle As Much As You Do

It is in One Stop Motor's best interest to sell your vehicle as quickly as possible.  The quicker we sell your vehicle the less we spend on your Google ads and the faster and more money everybody makes.  The goal is to do this for every customer's vehicle, which is my job, and it is something that I take a lot of pride in.  I personally monitor every customer's ad to ensure they are on Page 1 of Google in the highest position possible given the budget.  If a customer's ad drops to below Page 1, say, to Page 2 or Page 3, I personally increase the ad budget so that your ad gets back to Page 1 in the highest position possible.

There is Nothing Scammy About What We Do

"OSM guarantees to advertise the vehicle until sold with no additional charges and/or hidden fees."

This is our guarantee, and we have built a successful business by selling tens of thousands of vehicles for our happy customers over the last 12 years.  Would we have lasted this long by taking our customer's money and running with it?  Of course not.  I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but the fact of the matter is that we are very clear about the services that we offer.  We do not guarantee to sell your car, only to advertise it until it is sold.

Still Not Convinced?

I don't know what else to tell you.  Please refer to the many positive reviews we have garnered over the years:

One Stop Motors Merchant Circle

Merchant Score of 100
64 Customer Reviews, Almost ALL 5 Star Reviews

One Stop Motors Yahoo Local 

10 Reviews, 5 Stars

One Stop Motors Yellow Pages

2 Review, 5 Stars

One Stop Motors CitySearch

One Stop Motors on Citysearch

46 Reviews

One Stop Motors Yellow Pages NY1

7 Five Star Review, 1 Four Star Review


Maybe our competitors should spend more of their time improving their business instead of trying to ruin the reputation of THE MAJOR PLAYER in this industry.

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