Monday, September 30, 2013

One Stop Motors Helps You Sell Used Cars Online Using Adwords and Bing Ads

Why does One Stop Motors sell your vehicle on Google and Bing/Yahoo?  Because that's where all of the people are!  In 2012 there were 5.1 BILLION Google searches EVERY DAY (on average of course), and in 57,142,857 searches in Bing/Yahoo 2012.

Currently there is no marketing channel with that much engagement or demonstrated effectiveness. Television is always a strong option; however, marketing costs on television are generally prohibitive.  The same goes for radio and print advertising.  Google Adwords and Bing Ads, in comparison, have costs averaging between .45 cents to $1.75 per click depending on the vehicle, making selling your vehicle using Adwords and Bing Ads a very cost effective option for regular owners selling their vehicles.

So if you need to sell that vehicle fast, and want to get your ad in front of as many eyes as possible, One Stop Motors can help!  We are Google Adwords and Bing Ad pay per click marketing experts who can effectively market your vehicle using the fees we charged you, meaning there is no extra cost to you!  Call 877-566-MOTORS(6686) for more information!

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